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I haven’t had a personal project that I was proud of in a few years (since the 30 Project), so I am very excited to announce that my new beauty video “Always in Season” is done!

My personal projects often deal largely with acceptance of self and understanding of others. But rather than believing people are best as “natural” I believe people can present themselves however they want to. The outside is a fun canvas so why not use it to express what is inside?

The goal of this project was twofold:

1.)  champion the use of makeup, or any other appearance alterer, as a tool for self-expression

2.)  show that ultimately, it is WHO you are, not what you wear, that makes you awesome

To read more about my concept and process making the video, you can read a post I wrote over at fstoppers.com:


Thank you again to all involved:  my makeup team:  Jamie Dorman, Ren Bray, and Andrew Velazquez and my lovely hair artist:  Gellisa Fevrier.  My models were the BEST!  Thank you:  Mariko Amekodommo, Brianna Canillas, Claudia Cooper, Sepideh Haftgoli, Kendra Kabasele, Erin Noble, Janice Paik, Tonoa Smith, Diep Tran, Janee Valteau, and Andrew Velazquez.