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It’s happening soon.  This Friday in fact.  I turn 30.

In honor of this (man-made?) milestone, I am commemorating it with a personal project.  For the last few months I have been photographing women around the Los Angeles area who either recently turned 30 or who are turning 30 soon.  For this project I have two goals:  1.) to get a beautiful portrait of every woman regardless of their differences and 2.) to examine how these women feel about turning 30 and whether or not stereotypical fears still apply today.

So far I have shot, I believe, 22 women.  I would like to get at least 30, possibly more.  If you know someone who would add something different to this project, please have them get in touch!  corina@corinamarie.com

You can see the full (in process) project at http://corinamarie.com/30

“I forget how old I really am.”

“By now, I thought I’d be wildly successful, own a nicely decorated house, well traveled and financially stable.  Instead, I have a shit ton of student loans and credit card debt.”

“It’s just the beginning.”